2 packs of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors For TCL Tab 10 Gen 2, 9H Hardness High Touch Anti-scratch Screen Saver for TCL Tab 10 Gen 2 10.4 inch Tablet, Case Friendly

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About this item

  • COMPATIBLE: Specially designed to fit the TCL Tab 10 Gen 2 precisely and still allow use with most tablet cases for full-surface defense.
  • CLEAR CLARITY: Ultra-clear and transparent film preserves your tablet's original visual quality without any distortion or bubbles that could interfere with use.
  • DURABLE PROTECTION: Made of 9H hardness tempered glass, this screen protector defends against scratches, bumps and cracks while maintaining touch sensitivity.
  • EASY APPLICATION: Self-adhesive backing and alignment markers make installation quick and mess-free so you can protect your screen right away.
  • 2-PACK INCLUDED: Receive an extra protector for convenience or to replace the first if ever needed, ensuring your tablet's screen stays scratch-free.

This two-pack of tempered glass screen protectors provides maximum protection for the 10.4-inch display of the TCL Tab 10 Gen 2 tablet. Made of tough 9H hardness glass, it defends against scratches without compromising touch sensitivity. The protectors are easy to apply and fit seamlessly onto the screen for a crystal clear view. A special oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints at bay so your screen stays looking new. Compatible with most tablet cases too, so your device receives all-around defense whether in or out of a cover. Snap one into place today and rest assured your tablet's display is safely shielded from everyday wear and tear.